12 Best GoHugo Themes 2018

Posted on Dec 22, 2018 By Haman

2018 has been a great year for static site generators. The debate between static and dynamic sites has reached to a level of understanding where both types are considered as equal choice, which is a giant leap for static sites. Out of different static sites, GoHugo has blown out of the cover and recorded as one of the most reliable static site generator.

With passing year many websites along with go Hugo have worked hard to bring up the best themes. Today we come up with a list of 10 themes, that were worth notice and have maintained a continuity throughout year.

1. Hugo Sodium theme

hugo sodium theme

Sodium is a responsive, clean and colorful theme. It is a beautiful business theme that comes with all the necessary components like cover, pricing cards, team slot, contact form and services section.

It also comes with Disqus and google analytics. Sodium has an elegant and modern design, and a refreshing look. It is what they say A modern theme.

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2. Ulite Portfolio

Hugo themes,ulite portfolio

Ulite portfolio is a mix of modern and bold colors. It is a perfect theme to display your skills and experience in most modern way you can imagine. Ulite is the best alternative for any kind of personal website. It is made in bootstrap 4 and is ideal for developers and designers.

This theme is one of the most visited themes in hugo directory due to its color appeal. Pro version of UILite also includes Blog and Work Experience and Proficiencies.

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3. Hugo Lime

hugo lime,static themes

Hugo lime is a business theme which has all the features anyone can ask for a small or a big business. It comes with a free illustration, services section, contact form, social buttons, team section and google analytics.

Its pro version comes with 3 illustrations, Blog, Work Portfolio, FAQ, Documentation and Support.

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4. Hugo Appyness

hugo sodium theme

Appyness is a theme that is build for developers who want to promote their apps through website.It has a background slideshow that displays screenshots or pictures of developer’s application. There is a proper place in this themes to display the features of your app.

It also comes with Disqus, Cover, slides, blog, documentation and google analytics.

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5. Hugo Serif

hugo serif, static themes hugo

The Hugo serif is a business theme that contains all the elements required for a business theme. It has services section, testimonials, features and free illustrations.

This theme has responsive design and is made in bootstrap 4 with SCSS. Hugo serif is a theme by Hugo authors.

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6. Universal

universal,hugo theme

Universal is a clean blue bootstrap template. This Hugo template has many unique features that makes a worthy addition into this list and Hugo theme directory.

  • Landing page
  • Form spree
  • Google analytics
  • Widgets for sidebar
  • Disqus comment system

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7. Ananke – A Hugo theme

ananke, Hugo static theme

Ananke theme is the basic starting point for someone who is new to Hugo. It has all the basic features that are needed for a website. This theme has pagination, taxonomies, archetypes, Hugo in-built template just like what a normal Hugo template should have.

Just like its very unique name, this theme is also one of a kind. It is simple yet sleek. Design is fresh and simple, also the reason why it is so loved.

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8. Biztrox Hugo Theme

biztrox,hugo theme

Biztrox is a multi usable Hugo theme that can be used as a personal website, a portfolio website or a service based website. It’s design is very elegant and beautiful. This theme has the capacity to handle different projects.

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9. Orianna

orianna,static Hugo

Orianna is a beautiful personal website theme. It has an interactive full screen slider in the first look, which has a path to all kinds of social sites with the description of the person. You can write your name and describe you. It also comes with a blog parted in two sections. One side has the articles and the other one has categories and tags.

Availability of personal area and an interactive blog space makes it a complete package.

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10. Fresh

fresh, static Hugo

Fresh is a Hugo adapted theme. It comes from Bulma theme from CSS ninja. It Is just fro the landing pages. it is a clean and subtle theme and is equivalent to its name ‘fresh’.

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11. Dream Plus

dream plus,HUGO theme

Dream plus is a colorful blog theme that was originally submitted by a contributor to Hugo community, but finally made it to the theme directory of Hugo. It has been updated this month to its best. This Hugo blog theme along with its bold choice of colors come with a table of contents for posts, Disqus, google analytics and syntax highlighting.

All the developer’s information like name, description and proficiencies come in a left sided card. It is a sticky card which always remains on the side, making it a continuous display of developers profile.

As blogging is a wide area so it gives a wider perspective of its use.

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12. Creative Portfolio

fresh, static Hugo

Creative portfolio is a fresh and simple yet describing portfolio theme that has been newly added to GoHugo.It has a side bar that gives personal space for the maker of website and then every other inch of this theme allows you to flaunt your work.It cover all the needs of a portfolio yet it doesn’t take all the space. All the content, along with images still lets the space breath beautifully.

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