Bootstrap 5 - Release Date, New Features and Latest News

Posted on Apr 26, 2020 By Nikita

Bootstrap is the most popular and widely used open source framework in the world and can be used for development using HTML, CSS and JS. Bootstrap is a free open source collection of CSS and JavaScript / jQuery code for creating dynamic layout websites and web applications. As a tool for creating front-end designs, it consists of a series of design templates based on HTML and CSS that are used for different components of a website or application, such as forms, buttons, navigation, patterns, layouts, and other useful JavaScript Interface component extensions.

What’s new in Bootstrap 5?

Some major changes will completely remove jQuery as a dependency, add custom icons supported by SVG, make some simplifications, fixes and improvements to CSS and Javascript, and remove support for IE 10 and 11.

The following are the expected changes:

  • Removing jQuery
  • Dropping QUnit
  • Dropping support for IE 10 & 11
  • Custom SVG icon library
  • Documentation rewritten in Hugo
  • Major Javascript updates
  • Responsive containers
  • Minor CSS and class updates and fixes
  • Building testing infrastructure in Jasmine

Major Features of Bootstrap 5

No More jQuery in Bootstrap 5

Bootstrap version 5 will not have jquery. This is a long-awaited step for the Bootstrap team. Now, Bootstrap will rely on pure vanilla javascript. Bootstrap 5 will be easy to integrate with javascript-based frameworks. In order to use pure JavaScript, the bootstrap team removed the largest client dependency.

Dropping IE 10 & 11 Support

In Bootstrap 5, the Bootstrap team decided to give up support for Internet Explorer 10 and 11, which is a good move because it will allow web designers and developers to focus more on designing modern Web pages, Without worrying about breaking any of the code above. Older browsers may increase the size of each project.

ESM Version

With the introduction of the ESM version, Bootstrap can be used as a module.

SVG Icon Library

The bootloader team is working hard to explore its own Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) library to get the latest version, with more than 200 new icons.

bootstrap 5 new icons

Upgrading Docs to Hugo

Bootstrap 5 will get rid of Jekyll’s shackles and will now consume Hugo. This update can make the framework better and keep it consistent with the latest technology. Needless to say, Hugo is the fastest static website generator.

Bootstrap 5 Columns

It is almost certain that the famous 12-column system is the basis of the Bootstrap concept, and it will always exist in Bootstrap 5. The main focus of the v5 changes is still responsiveness, although in the latest Bootstrap version, development has focused on improving performance and reducing performance and loading time. So far, there is no better way to solve the problem of different screen sizes than Bootstrap rows and columns.

Bootstrap 5 Release Date

Well, the exact date is not yet known to anyone, because there is no official announcement about the date. But the expected release time may be early 2020.


One of the frustrating experiences when becoming a developer was to reinvent the basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for each project. Although some people like to write their own code, it still makes sense to only use existing frameworks such as Bootstrap. The guidance team is working hard to make changes to Bootstrap 4 to make the framework better.

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