Full Form of HTML? Is This the Question You Still Ask?

Posted on May 23, 2018 By Haman

If you are a person asking what is full form of HTML? learn it as soon as you can. HTML or hypertext markup language is a language used in building the foundation of a web page. With the growing demand for online services, the need for web developers and designers has also increased. The extravaganza of coding, artificial intelligence, and graphic design has swooped away the mind of common man. Even if you know nothing about technical stuff, these words are not new for you, I’m sure.

What is full form of HTML?

What is full form of HTML? If this is the question that you ask yourself, then there is a fair chance that you lack behind in the time. As much as English is necessary to survive in this competitive world, coding is no far. A fair knowledge of computers and its languages like HTML, CSS and many more is vital for sustainable existence in this fast pacing world.

We are in the hold of the digital world and there is no coming time where you will be free of it so everyone should consider learning HTML on the primary level. Conversely, its clamp over your life and lifestyle will tighten more. There are many instances when you will feel guilty of not owning this skill set.

There are various ways in which knowing HTML will be a blessing for you.

1. Making your content easy to read.

Blogging is a very important part of every website. If you are an owner of a website and prefer blogging personally, you must have experienced the need to clean the look of the content you showcase. A bulky looking content is of no use. Some reasons behind this are

  • The bulky look is undesirable for anyone’s eye
  • It decreases the interest of the user.
  • It increases the bounce rate.
  • Bulky content is non-preferable when comes under SEO check.

Knowing HTML, you will have the complete control of the content you have and the way it looks. Using heading, line-break and image tags the picture looks more alluring.

2. Saving cash

Let’s face the fact, learning HTML is not that big of a deal. It requires a good span of attention and common sense and voilà, you can write your own HTML code. But when your own pot of skill is empty you will need to depend on someone else for your work. HTML developers charge a good lump of money for such work. If negligent, you will be the one to poke the hole in your own pocket. Besides, there is no lesser intelligent man than the one paying for something that he can do himself.

3. A blog post from word into a CMS

A blog post is written in rough in google docs and word. Editing and proofreading are also done on the same platform, but what is the next step?
We copy the content in CMS.

Now, when a person writes a piece of content in a word processing document, it is a series of paragraphs woven into an article with the help of headings. But, certain changes are required when we upload the content to website, a dynamic website particularly. After we copy content into CMS, it adds an extra set of snippets. Then these snippets are known to cause problems. To assure smooth flow of content into the blog, you have to get rid of them. A basic knowledge of HTML can do this for you.

4. Anchor tags

Sometimes while writing an article, it becomes impossible to embed whole deep knowledge of the topic into writing. You may want to link some content to another website or to the earlier posts from your own website. Videos and gifs, which make a blog post even more informative and attractive are a form of anchor tags. They increase the value of your content and helps in explaining better.

So you will create links and videos regularly and Anchor tag allows you to do so.

Not just in blogging, but knowing HTML is beneficial in many other ways.

5. Updates

In maintaining a website, it needs regular updates. A prior knowledge of HTML will give you control over it. You can make changes in the design, plugins and code yourself. There is no need for some developer to do it.

6. Better communication


Every business now uses web browsers. Knowing HTML will not only expand your area of reach but benefit your business too. For instance, let’s talk about guest posts. Many websites allow a PDF submission to their blogs but there are some that have strict guidelines for submission. They accept the posts written just in HTML.

Hence, learning HTML will increase your area of reach. It will be an asset in your communication skills with fellow bloggers and website owners.

Surely, you don’t want an identification of a person still asking ‘What is full form of HTML?’ after knowing all this.

It will be surprising for a software layman that everything you see on the internet is HTML. Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, YouTube and all your favorite blogs are HTML on base.

Just imagine the amount of work you will be attracting if you learn this language. The world is revolving around HTML. Earning some extra cash through it doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all. Starting from full form of HTML you can be a person earning well through it

It may surprise you even more than HTML is not a grueling language. With a proper presence of mind, you can learn it in three months’ to the largest. Also, don't worry about the cost of the course. We are going to solve that problem for you.

There are several online websites that offer HTML courses for free.

If you want to get in this just for some extra cash, then go ahead with the upper websites. However, if you want to enter this stream, you will be happy to know that HTML is the first step, the foundation brick.

You may want to get certified in these courses, which is again a sane choice. Given below are some online websites that allow you to do so at an equitable price.

So, maybe now you don’t need to find the full form of HTML on browsers. You have known the value and benefits of entering the world of hypertext markup language. We hope this has motivated you enough and pumped your knowledge about HTML.

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