Motion Graphics and Types of Transitions

Posted on Apr 17, 2018 By Haman

Motion graphics can be a form of animation, abstract or experimental mixtures but with growing age of digital media, its definition had narrowed down to digital footage or animation. It is widely used for commercial purposes like animation in advertisements and films. Motion graphics now is an interactive phase of visual representation of design and data.Categorized into an electronic media technology, it has become a big career in the growing communication and digital industry.

The career has been a playing cupid in the life of people and companies. Blur, brand new school, the mill, troika, blind, superstudio and gizmosite are some of the famous names dwindled in the peddle of graphics creators. Creating such effective visual aids without using real people is a great challenge for people involved in this business. What really makes the results lovable today are their transitions, even if the basics.

If we count a single transition as a hair, then there is an existence of whole head and that head definitely doesn’t belong to a bald man.

Sorting out the large storage of different types, motion graphics come into four broad categories.

Shape transitions in motion graphics

This part works with the entire screen. It works like the presenter of the designs. The correct written description of the shape transition effect will be.

And here comes (drum rolls…….) ‘the motion graphics’

It is like a drama raiser curtain. There are various ways in which shape transitions affect a motion graphics. They come handy in what you are creating.

Geometric shape transitions in motion graphics

Geometry is a very familiar word. Geometry transitions are like 'the blues'  in motion graphics. Their music is eternal and similarly, geometric shape transitions are eternal. Shapes like diamond, rectangle, polygon, and ellipse create various combinations by using motions of position, scale, opacity, and rotation.

Organic shape transitions

Organic shapes are a dynamic part of transitions world. The organic SVG shapes are alive. They include integration of smoky effect, explosions, and fluidity which as a result, makes these motions even more attractive and compelling. Also, working these out is fun for a designer.

Mask transitions

Mask transitions also include shapes, but after completing the transition,it shows next scene or next page.  The timing of transition is the key. So, a designer can set it before the mask is fully shown or after.

Camera movement transitions

As the name suggests, this type of transition works as of the camera is moving. It can go as a screen in, screen out, a sweeping screen, tilting, and comprehensive camera movements.

by Mark lazeki

Also, the scenes created using this type if transitions are terrific and continuous. It is very interesting and gives a video of full motion. Camera movement transitions are a very powerful tool for visual engagement of the audience.

by Rafael Morinaga

Transforming transitions in motion graphics

Transforming transitions are a tricky business. Metaphorically, they reveal themselves out of their veils using the cloth of earlier scene. Now the cloth they use is shape, color or meaning of the earlier scene.Simply speaking, they use some element of previous scene to showcase next scene. Hence, If used properly they can work like magic for the visual outlook in motion graphics.

by lV

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