10 Best Portfolio Themes of 2018

Posted on Jan 27, 2019 By Haman

Are you a developer?

Do you have an online portfolio website of your own?

If yes, then you are walking right along the need of time.

If not, well, then step up and get yourselves one. That simple.

Online portfolios are the new resume in this new age of development. They are used in almost any kind of software business. A competitive and unique portfolio is the first mark towards big impression. This new trend seems legitimate; your portfolio represents you on every online platform.

We come up with the best portfolio website themes from 2018 that will make an impact this year.

1. Hugo Ulite

This theme is only for the developers who want to make a bold statement. Hugo Ulite is listed in the GoHugo directory. It has many elements of proper description of a developer.

ulite portfolio theme
  • Skills section
  • Experience container
  • Name and social buttons
  • Services and blog section
  • Work information
  • Contact form
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2. Creative

This is a convertible bootstrap portfolio website theme that can be used for creating business and portfolio websites. It is a one-page website that has two containers, that can be used according to use. It also comes with contact section.

creative portfolio

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3. Hatch

Hatch is a photo gallery theme, so it can be used by photographers and designers. It has a simple tone of grey that will be compatible with all kind of images that the user chooses to put in.it is a bootstrap theme therefore it is 100 percent responsive. It comes with

  • Inbuilt fancybox script
  • Advance widgets
  • Custom header
  • Contact form
portfolio theme Hatch

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4. V-Card

This one is a bit simple. It is a modern theme that gives all the personal information with social connections. It is bold and attractive. The navigation bar brings in all the aspects of what to look in a designer.


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5. Developer portfolio

Developer portfolio is a statement and not just a website portfolio. It is obsessed with the blend of colors and gives abundant space to put all kinds of information that one could think of. It comes with

  • Personal statement
  • Picture section
  • Past experience container
  • Reviews section
  • Awards
  • Contact form
  • Scial buttons
developer portfolio website theme

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6. MeetMe

MeetMe is a clean yet pervade personal portfolio website template. It has a flow of multi complementary colors in the background. All the containers are subtle and well explained. With a serious of containers, it has a unique factor. The ‘About me’ section is present in footer. Its components are

  • Personal information container (image, skill, date of birth, email, location and social buttons)
  • Total projects and skill proficiencies
  • Experience and education
  • Services
  • Testimonials
  • Footer
portfolio website theme

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7. Civic

Civic is a wide-positioned, cream-colored, and bold-lettered portfolio. It says what it wants to say, loud and clear Just like MeetMe portfolio theme, this one has personal information, social buttons, work experience, education, references, skills, contact form and products. It has all the information and content that a normal portfolio will have.

But the color scheme of this theme is the cherry on the top.

portfolio website theme

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8. Ramirez

Can something be so on point. The use of yellow color in complete template is itself a big statement. It is a single HTML template with two versions. Both of them differing in background color

portfolio theme

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9. Maze

A pretty pink centered portfolio website theme. It is very to the point and concise. It has the following components

  • Send mesage
  • Skills
  • Subscribing newsletter
  • Footer(with bottom-padding)
portfolio theme

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10. Clarks

Clarks is a v-card personal portfolio website theme that actually ends up in more than one individual page. It has four different cards on the home page which can lead to more sources of information. The collaborations of colors, the size of cards and the feel of this template is beautiful.

portfolio theme

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