What the heck is JAM Stack?

Posted on Jul 5, 2019 By Haman

Website development started with HTML and CSS pages. To make those websites interactive, Javascript come into origin. After this server-side languages were developed (PHP, Node Js, etc) to make webpages more dynamic and control them from the server.

Eventually, all the websites were server controlled. The sites whose content did not change periodically were also developed using server-side languages or CMS (like WordPress).

But websites developed using server-side languages or CMS are prone to security breaches, cost more, need maintenance and need more time to develop and deploy.

There are websites that have static content that doesn’t have to be updated dynamically. So, instead of building them with server-side languages, there should be a simpler way to make those websites. This is where JAM Stack comes into play!

But wait, what is JAM Stack?

JAM stands for Javascript API Markup, which means you can develop a website just by using a Markup or Markdown language, Javascript and APIs. To make things simpler, developers introduced Static Site Generators.

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Static site generators make things simpler, they take the markup and assets and generate a website. You can deploy it anywhere on internet.

Benefits of JAM Stack

If you need a simple site with little or no server-side interaction then Static sites are the best option , some of their key benefits are:

  • Faster to build: If you choose Hugo for generating your website, it is so fast that it will generate hundreds of pages in few milliseconds.

  • Faster to load: As there is little or no server-side processing, the static sites are much faster.

  • Cheaper: You don’t have to pay for the expensive hosting, there are many free static sites hosting providers like Github Pages and Netlify

  • Secure: As there is no server-side processing, no one can hack the website. Hacker can just deface the website, nothing else.


The Web is shifting to static sites because of the above features. Today you can develop an e-commerce website using JAM Stack. It will really help people to save time and money.

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Happy Coding 🤘

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