Last modified on 24th Jan, 2019

UICard.io Terms of Service

The given terms and conditions are made available to you by UICard.io website. Agreeing to these terms and conditions will bring an agreement between uicard.io and the user, subscriber, and customers. In the below-written agreement the terms we, website and us refer to UICard.io and the terms you, subscriber and customer shall refer to anyone that comes in contact with this website, existing users or people related to this URL.

1. Introduction

1.1 By submitting, subscribing or buying from UICard.io website, you completely agree with every term and condition in this agreement.

1.2 If we find any of your action as a breaching sign of this agreement, we may terminate your account anytime, with or without notice. The right to decide termination of your account lies with UICard.io and we are not subject to answer any queries related to this.

1.3 UICard.io can change or modify this agreement, the content on the website anytime or anywhere with or without notice. You are responsible to read this document from time to time in order to remain in agreement with it.

1.4 We are not responsible for any kind damage caused by our product or due to our product. The responsibility of loss of data or your inability to use the material on this site lies with the customer himself.

1.5 The right to change prices and revision of resource usage policy lies with UICard.io.

1.6 The corrections, repairing, and modification of the product, if required, is not included in the decided price of the product.

1.7 Once you create an account with us, you ensure that you are above or of age 18.

2. Acceptable and available rights to customers

2.1 In order to purchase any product, the customer is liable to create an account on the website.

2.2 If the buyer wants, he can like and share the reference for the product on any social media platform. Direct selling is prohibited.

2.3 Downloading the product from your dashboard is solely the choice of the customer.

2.4 After the customer has bought the product, the moment he owns the product, he can make any kind of changes he desires. The changes must be for his personal use only.

3. Cookies

3.1 Our website uses cookies to remember some of the information you provide us. Cookies are small text files that we place in your computer’s browser to store your preferences.

3.2 We use cookies to enhance your experience with us. They tell us about your preferences and we can revise to improve your experience on our website.

3.3 If you want to control the cookies you accept, you must configure your browser. Else, you will accept the cookies provided by this browser.

4. Purchase policy

4.1 In the process of purchase, providing your credit card number, it’s expiration date, billing address and shipping address is mandatory.

4.2 The information you provide is a representation that you have legal right to use any credit card or any other form of payment. Also, by entering any kind of information you ensure it’s validation. Its inaccuracy will lead to temporary or permanent termination of your account and this decision lied with UICard.io.

4.3 In case of incorrect description, errors in price or error in your order, you have every right to cancel your order.

4.4 The services provided may be used by a third party for facilitating payment and completion of purchases. Once you submit your information, you automatically grant us the right to provide that information to those third parties subject to our privacy policy.

4.5 Cancellation of order is possible from our side if we sense any kind of fraud or unauthorized transaction.

5. Customer privacy and restrictions

5.1 You are solely responsible for your account, your password and the actions that are performed under your name on the website. If you find any kind of breach in your account, you must inform us immediately.

5.2 Using any kind of vulgar or offensive words in the username, comments and for any writing is strictly prohibited and may lead to permanent termination of your account.

6. Return and refund policy

6.1 There is no refund option available in case of error in the product or all other sorts.

6.2 In case of problems in downloading and receiving of our products, you are requested to contact us.

7. Ownership

7.1 All the products offered by UICard.io, the design, layout, look, appearance and graphics are owned by us.

7.2 Any kind of products sold by UICard.io cannot be forwarded by the customer as his own. Customers cannot use them for re-selling or modification and reselling. The products in this website are for the immediate use of customers only.

7.3 The products we sell may have some inaccuracies. As we are constantly updating our products and information related to it, the mispricing, inaccurate description or unavailability of service is possible and we are not answerable to these queries.

7.4 The external links provided in UICard.io are just for reference purposes. They are outside the control of UICard.io. Problems generated by these links in any form are a responsibility of the customer. We are not answerable to any of these situations.

  1. Contact us

8.1 In case of any kind of queries related to our terms and services, contact us at contact@uicard.io